First: Are you registered? If not, visit our Registration Page.

Vote In Person

One-Stop Early Voting (Oct. 15 – 31)

During Early Voting, you can:

  • Vote AND register at the same time!
  • Change your voting address (if you’ve moved since you last voted). For registration or address change, you need to provide proof of address: NC driver’s license or other government ID; current utility bill; bank statement. If you are a college student, your college ID alone is not sufficient. You must show proof of residence.
  • Early Voting sites near Davidson include Cornelius Town Hall, Hough High School, North County Library, and North Mecklenburg High School. Full list of early voting sites.

Vote on Election Day (Nov. 3)

On Election Day you must vote at your precinct’s designated polling place.

Find your polling place.

All in-person locations will offer Curbside Voting during early voting and on Election Day.

As of July 15th 2020, you are NOT REQUIRED to show a photo ID to vote in NC.

putting letter into mailbox

Vote By Mail

PLEASE NOTE: We are close to Election Day, and we strongly recommend you do NOT mail in your ballot at this point. Either deliver it yourself to your Board of Elections office, or VOTE IN PERSON. If you can, vote in person before Election Day.

Vote by Mail is the same as absentee voting. To vote by mail, you need to do FOUR things.

Number 1

Get an Absentee Ballot Request Form (ABRF). They’re available online at

As of September 1, there is a new online portal to request your absentee ballot: Here, you can request a ballot without any need for printing, scanning, stamps or mailing.

Number 3

When your ballot arrives, complete it in the presence of a single witness. (Anyone over 18; does NOT need to be a notary public.

Mail your signed and witnessed ballot to your county Board of Elections. PLEASE make sure your ballot is signed and sent well before election day.

Five Important Facts

  • If you request an absentee ballot, you are not committed to voting by mail. You can still vote early or on Election Day. Simply destroy your absentee ballot.
  • With a barcode system on the return envelope, you will be able to confirm if the USPS has delivered your ballot to its destination. You can check to see if your ballot has been counted with the voter lookup tool. You can also track your ballot using BallotTrax.
  • You may drop off your completed ballot at an Early Voting site during Early Voting. Please note: you cannot drop off a mail-in ballot on Election Day.
  • Polling Places will enforce social distancing and other safety measures resulting in long lines. That’s why absentee voting is an important part of a voting plan.
  • Curbside voting will be available during early voting and on Election Day.

Important Dates

  • October 27, 5pm – deadline for requesting your absentee ballot
  • November 3 (Election Day), 5pm – deadline to return your ballot in person to the county board of elections.
  • November 6 – deadline for ballots postmarked by November 3, 2020.


Call the NCDP Voter Protection Hotline